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A majestic feline whose jaw clasps a ring to add a chain, link a labia piercing or a cock ring. Every move of the penis or of the bursae stirs the plug in the anal ampulla.
Stainless steel 303, Skated Bronze BR10
M: Width 3,22inch- ø1,18inch - 6.70oz
L : Width 3,54inch - ø1,38inch - 11.07oz
XL: Width 105mm - ø40mm - 440g

Our stainless steel products have been laboratory tested, they meet European CE and US standards EN 1811+A1, BS EN12472, US CALIFORNIA prop 65).

The mirror effect is achieved by polishing done by hand. 

Beware of Rosebuds imitations (Non-stainless steel with chrome surface imitating the mirror effect).

82,50 €