Quality Sex Toys

Butt plugs, cock rings, Ballrings, Helmets, Cockpins, and Nipple and Body jewellery are made with stainless steel or anodized aluminium (100% hypoallergenic).
The finish of each Rosebuds® product is carefully observed before shipment: delivered in its box, your Rosebuds® is ready to take with you wherever you like ...

Your intimate jewel is adorned with a mini bronze sculpture (head or body, bestiaries, sex symbols), Swarovski ™ crystal or a semi-precious or ornamental gemstone.

« Gem » is a name given to minerals that contain several qualities: a beautiful colour, durability, rarity and the way the stone is cut to enhance the beauty.

Quality Rosebuds® sex toys turn your intimate jewel into a luxury plug. You choose from our wide variety of proposed semi precious stones: jade, malachite, agate, tiger eye, amethyst, garnet, etc.

« Often imitated but never equaled »: Rosebuds® . No products on the market for sex toys, fakes, imitations, pale copies or even replica match the quality and aesthetics of a Rosebuds®.

Rosebuds®and Swarovski™

Exclusively for Rosebuds®,Swarovski enhances your anal plug with its brand of crystal.

«This crystal, with more specific aspects and brighter than ever, attracts the biggest names in fashion and jewellery».

Creation, Design and Development

The Rosebuds® company founded a porno-chic world dominated by creation and innovation. Its creativity makes Rosebuds® incomparable luxury brand.

Rosebuds® is indeed :

  • A complete range of unique products and sex toys in a variety of sizes, materials and proposed ornaments,
  • The design of innovative plugs,
  • The development of sexual jewellery for all: straight, gay, fetish, BDSM.